PROYAMA 42.7cc Head Adjustable Pole Chainsaw
PROYAMA 42.7cc Head Adjustable Pole Chainsaw

PROYAMA 42.7cc Head Adjustable Pole Chainsaw

  • Multi-Angle Adjustable Cutting Head: This pole chainsaw features a multi-angle adjustable cutting head that ensures precision, cleanliness, and safety while cutting. You can easily position it to see the exact location and extent of the cut, reducing the risk of accidental injuries.
  • Impressive Reach and Cutting Bar: With the ability to adjust from 8.2 to 11.4 feet and a 3.65-foot extension, this pole saw can reach up to 15 feet, considering the user’s height. This eliminates the need to climb ladders or trees to trim branches, enhancing safety. The 12-inch cutting bar also provides a larger cutting capacity, saving you time and effort.
  • Powerful 42.7cc Engine: The pole chainsaw is equipped with a robust 42.7cc engine that can effortlessly cut thicker branches and logs, approximately up to 12 inches in diameter. Its power ensures efficient completion of tough tasks, making it a reliable tool for your outdoor projects.
  • Engine: 2 stroke 42.7cc gas engine
  • Power: 1.4KW / 2.0HP
  • Oregon 12 inch bar and chain
  • Cut branch up to 8 inch
  • Reach 15ft Pruning & limbing
  • Fuel mixing ratio: 50 : 1
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 1.1L


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