PROYAMA 3800W Portable Inverter Generator
PROYAMA 3800W Portable Inverter Generator

PROYAMA 3800W Portable Inverter Generator

  • Digital Readout for Maintenance: The PROYAMA 3800W Portable Inverter Generator features a digital readout that helps you manage oil changes and maintenance schedules, ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of the generator.
  • Lightweight Design: Despite its powerful output, this generator boasts a lightweight design, weighing only 47 pounds. It offers a significant amount of power while remaining highly portable and easy to transport.
  • Ultra-Quiet Operation: The generator operates quietly, allowing you to power various appliances and devices without overpowering your outdoor or emergency experience. It ensures a peaceful environment for camping, emergencies, and more.
  • Additionally, the generator provides a 12v DC output for easy battery charging, has a built-in LED light for home emergency backup, and boasts a robust engine with 3800W starting power and 3200W running power.
  • Starting method: pull start
  • Rated Voltage: 120v
  • Starting watts: 3800w
  • Running watts: 3200w
  • 5 hours run time at 50% load
  • Noise: 62dB
  • Net Weight: 47lbs


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